This is what some of our clients have to say about our service...

Mrs Boler, June 2019

" Dear Emma
Following delivery of return of my daughter’s wedding dress, jacket and veil, I wanted to say thank you to your team.
We were delighted and quite moved by the way it is so carefully, lovingly and beautifully dressed and packaged for storing.
We are more than delighted with the service from Terrington Burchett and would not hesitate to recommend you.  In fact I intend to email the bridal boutique where we purchased it, as when I asked her for recommendations for dress cleaners, she couldn’t suggest anyone.  However, she sells only designer dresses, Alan Hannah, Suzanne Neville etc and is obviously not aware that there is a label in the Alan Hannah dresses recommending your company.  I only saw the label after researching your site on the internet and it was that which gave me the confidence to use Terrington Burchett.  The boutique will be able to confidently advise other clients in future.
Our daughter will be thrilled when she sees her dress so beautifully packaged.
Thank you so much.
Wendy Boler "

Zoe Parkinson, April 2019

"  Hi Emma,
I just wanted to send you an email to say I received my dress back today as promised, thank you.
I’d also like to say that I am absolutely delighted with the end result and the presentation.
It really is worth every penny and the wait!
Thanks again
Zoe "

Luca Moore, April 2019

" I just wanted to say what a great job your team has done.
From the moment I contacted you, you were extremely helpful and responded immediately to all my queries. For the service, (door to door pick up and delivery), I received I think the price wasn’t extremely reasonable.
My duchess silk Suzanne Neville dress looks amazing. There are a few marks on the train but they are so minimal you would never notice them.
I’m so impressed as the dress was absolutely filthy after the wedding. The dress is very nearly immaculate, I will surely be able to sell it now and it’s lovely to see it again in it’s full glory before I say goodbye.
Upon receiving the dress back I am now convinced you are told to play down how good you are in case you get fussy brides!
Please pass on my thanks to everyone that worked on it.
Kind regards,
Luca "

Danielle Johnston, December 2018

" Hi Emma,   I would just like to thank you & your team.   I received my dress back today & I am really chuffed.   It smells great, cleaner than I'd imagined & packed beautifully (& a bonus the glitter still remains!).   Being honest, I was slightly dubious at spending the money on the clean/box as it seemed quite steep in comparison to your general dry cleaners but I am soooo pleased I did now.   The dress cost nearly £2000 & I would've been gutted had i got it out the loft in 10 years time and it had been rotten away in a ropy brown box!   The Service was great and I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results.   Kind regards,   Danielle Johnston x "

Phoebe Burnett, December 2018

" Hello, Just a little thank you, I received my dress back yesterday. I’m over the moon with the box and presentation. It is just perfect! It has been such an easy process with you, you have been fantastic throughout with help and communication so thank you very much. Kind regards Phoebe Burnett "

Carly Tysoe, November 2018

" Good Afternoon,   I have received my wedding dress back today and just WOW!!   The Packaging is amazing, and it felt like a new dress again.   You have made me question whether I want to sell it on now 😊   When I opened up my dress, it really felt like you had cared for it.   Definitely represented your moto!!   Thank you so much,   Carly Tysoe “  

Rebekah, November 2019

" Hi Emma,     I received my dress back today and it looks absolutely stunning, thank you and everyone at Terrington Burchett for your amazing work.     The dress has had two previous owners yet you’ve made it look as good as new!     I’ll definitely be using your services again once I’ve made a mess of it at the wedding!     Best wishes,     Rebekah "

Catherine, November 2018

" Wow, I am astonished at how good my dress looks!   I shall be recommending you to anyone who has a wedding dress that needs to be cleaned.   Thank you for providing such a fantastic service!   Many, many thanks Catherine

Miss Botfield, September 2018

" I wanted to get in touch as I had my gown back this week.     I cannot tell you how pleased I am!     You are amazing to have returned it so clean and mark free, I really cannot thank you enough.     I’ll certainly be using your service again after our wedding next year, I cannot wait to wear my dress!     Thank you so much again.     Miss Botfield "

Amy, September 2019

" Emma,
Dress has just been opened and WOW! The box is beautiful and the dress looks great.
Thank you so much for all your help.
I am beyond pleased and will definitely be recommending your services.
Thank you
Amy "

Mrs S Towlson, August 2018

" Hi there.
I just wanted to say a huge 'Thank you' to you and your husband for the incredibly efficient and friendly service we received regarding the very quick turn around cleaning and repairing of my wedding dress and veil. The new comb on my veil is perfect, the damage to my dress I cannot even spot, your repair work is utterly seamless!
I wore it all again Friday evening and felt as special as I did in Ibiza!
We are off on Honeymoon, but I will be in touch as soon as we get home as I would love to have it cleaned one final time to then store in a box at home.
I will be in touch soon.
Thank you again. x
Best wishes,
Mrs S Towlson "

Mrs Brown, August 2018

" Hello Emma and Team.   I just wanted to thank you for the brilliant job you have done on my daughter's wedding dress, bolero and shoes.   She saw the results this weekend and was very pleased.   I was impressed with the efficiency of your whole service - from collection to contact regarding grass stains etc and notification of return delivery.   My daughter's dress and shoes are now safely stored away for future generations (we hope!).   Thank you,   Mrs Brown "

Kate, July 2018

" Hi Emma,
Just to let you know my wedding dress has arrived home.   I cannot thank you enough.   The person who worked on my dress is a miracle worker!   Kate x "

Kathryn, July 2018

"Hello Emma, I received the return delivery of my Wedding Gown yesterday, and I'd just like to say a big thank you to you and your team for the care that has been taken from the day I placed my order right up to delivering it home safe yesterday.
I'm sure you are already aware that sending such a special piece away to be cleaned is a little scary! But I must compliment you all on your fantastic service, also, my gown has been returned so beautifully packaged. It seems a shame to just store it under the bed! I am so grateful to you, thank you. Kind Regards, Kathryn"

Kelly, June 2018

" Hi Emma and Team,   I just wanted to thank you so so much for your wonderful service.   Emma - Your telephone manner is lovely, you've been so helpful and kind.   My dress was delivered back to me, beautifully boxed, and looks absolutely perfect ready for my big day.   Thank you so much everyone at Terrington-Burchett!   Kind regards,   Kelly "

Amy, June 2018

"Dear Emma
I just wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed I was with my dress return.
I didn’t expect the box to be so big! I thought it would just be folded up, but the presentation was an extra added touch.
I was really impressed with the way it was presented and the box is of such good quality.
I would definitely recommend you to any of my friends wanting their dress cleaned.
Thank you so much for making the whole process so straightforward and leaving me with a beautifully clean dress to treasure forever.

Rachael, June 2018

"I would just like to thank you for the great service I received for my daughters wedding dress.
The online booking was very simple to use.
It was collected and delivered to you next day and the cleaning service was quick, it was all done and back delivered to us within a week.
With it being a sample sale dress to be cleaned before the wedding, we were a bit worried how it would go.
But myself and my daughter are really happy with how clean it is, now with alterations on go she has fallen in love with it even more and can’t wait for the big day!
It was a shame to have to take it out the box as it was so beautifully wrapped, but knowing this, if she decides to have it cleaned and boxed after the wedding you will be the ones to do it.
We will recommend you to anyone we know wanting a wedding dress cleaned.
Thank you from a really happy customer!

Emma, April 2018

" Hi Emma,   I just wanted to say thank you for doing an amazing job with my wedding dress putting it on beautiful display inside a beautiful box, I’m so pleased!   What a great way to store my beautiful wedding dress.   I am absolutely over the moon!   Thank you again :)   Emma x "

Laura, April 2018

" Hello Emma, WOW! Just WOW!
I didn’t think it was possible to love my wedding dress any more than I already do. The attention to detail with the packaging is fantastic (I love the lace edging) and my dress is gleaming. You have been wonderful from start to finish, your extra touches to ensure my box represented our wedding day did not go unmissed and I absolutely love the design and the ribbon. It almost convinced me to leave my dress in the box and not wear it around the house……..almost! Thank you so so much. Laura xx "

Emily, April 2018

" Hi Emma Hope you are well?
Just to say thank you to you all for my wedding dress, it’s perfect! And I forgot how big the damn dress is! It’s been packed beautifully! Thank you again, Emily x "

Karen, March 2018

" Hi Emma, Just a quick email to say how pleased I am with the cleaning of my wedding dress and your excellent customer service.   My dress looks like brand new and I'm over the moon with how well it has been cleaned.   You'd never know the dress was an ex sample and it feels like mine now.   It was so well packaged and the care and attention you put into the cleaning process is obvious.   I can't wait to wear it in September!   Thanks again.   Karen "

Mr & Mrs Lines, March 2018

"Thank you for taking such good care of our daughter's wedding dress and returning it to us beautifully presented in its box.
You did a marvellous job in restoring it to its pristine condition after the rigours of wedding day! And particular thanks to Emma Lightfoot at Terrington Burchett who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. Our daughter, Hannah, was very pleased and surprised, as we hadn't told her we had sent her dress off to be cleaned. She will always treasure this very special dress. Mr & Mrs Lines"

Mrs Owen, March 2018

"Hello, We would really like to thank you for the amazing job you did cleaning my sister's wedding dress, as a wedding present, it looks amazing!
It was packaged so beautifully too. We all think it looks so pretty in the box and can't thank you enough. My sister is so very pleased. I will definitely be recommending your service to others. Thank you and best wishes "

Leona, September 2017

" Emma, My dress and veil was returned to me today after cleaning.
I wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your colleagues and let you know how thrilled I am with the service provided;. My dress looks as good as new and is beautifully packaged and presented. I will not hesitate to recommend Terrington Burchett to everyone who'll listen. Again thank you so very much! Leona Dzialowski x "

Hannah, August 2017

" Hi Emma, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for cleaning my Calllista London gown before my wedding.
I opened the box up to find my beautiful dress presented all safely in its box, I was quite emotional when I saw how beautiful it looked. I cannot get over how clean the dress has come up! I was excited before about wearing my second hand dress but I am even more excited now it looks brand new and gorgeous! Please pass on my thank you's to whoever has look after and cleaned it for me, it's been the best money I have spent! Where can I leave a review? Truly amazing service! Kind Regards Hannah "

Tarryn, June 2017

"Hi Emma and the Team, I received my dress back today and wanted to say thank you : ) It is so beautifully packaged.   I love the box and ribbon.
You have been great throughout the process, right from placing my order to arranging my dress to be delivered back to me. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends who want to have their dresses cleaned and packed.   Thanks again,   Tarryn "

Heledd, April 2017

"I was extremely nervous, especially after multiple dry cleaners telling me that to clean my dress may melt the beading. Someone recommended this company to me, I researched it, I e-mailed them to ask if they were certain it wouldn't damage the beading, then I booked it. My dress was almost black at the bottom after walking round muddy grounds. The dress was collected, I was called to let me know my dress has arrived safely, and then I received a phone call to arrange delivery. I asked if it was clean, the lovely lady checked and said that they hadn't managed to get it all done. I asked if it was better than it was, she said she wasn't sure - I was a tad nervous again. Today, my dress was delivered, in a beautiful Champagne box with ribbon. I was too nervous so actually waited for my husband to come home! We opened it and my dress was packaged so incredibly beautifully. I took note of how it had been packaged, stripped back the careful layers to look at the bottom of my dress - the bit that was black. I searched for the stains they couldn't remove, and my god, their version of 'not succeeding in removing all stains' is amazing. The dress is spotless, beautiful, shiny like it was the day I bought it. There are (after much searching) some vague marks on the inside of the bottom but I REALLY had to search. Worth. Every. Penny. This company is incredible and I will be recommending them to everybody going forward. Thank you for giving me my dress back in such a beautiful storage box! I'll cherish it forever thanks to you x"

Jessica, April 2017

What a lovely surprise to receive my wedding gown today. Beautifully packed and I am delighted on how amazing and sparkly it looks, it bought a tear to my eye!

My wedding gown has been returned to me better than I ever could have imagined.  
Massive thanks to the Terrington Burchett team for making the whole process stress free and your customer service throughout has been exceptional.   I would highly recommend Terrington Burchett to future brides!  

Alison, April 2017

I just wanted to thank you for the service you provided me, I absolutely love the gold wisteria-green box and the way in which you presented my beautiful wedding gown. It has been well worth the wait. You offer a fantastic service at such a reasonable price, and I will definitely be recommending you to others.
Thank you again,
Alison Leavers

Alexandra, March 2017

" I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you have done with my wedding dress. The presentation box it was returned in is gorgeous, and how the dress is packaged is so neat and professional! I was planning on getting my dress out and wearing it again (for the memories!) but it looks too beautiful in the box!
My whole experience with your company has been fantastic- from the initial contact to the end result, your team has made this such an easy process. I was genuinely getting emotional when I saw it again, so thank you again for returning my beautiful dress in such a fantastic way. Alexandra Hosking"
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Michelle, March 2017

" Dear Emma,
My gown was returned to me today after cleaning. I wanted to let you know how thrilled I was with the service provided; my gown looks as good as new and was beautifully packaged and presented. Please pass on my thanks to your colleagues for restoring my gown. It surpassed my expectations! I will be delighted to use your service again in the future and will not hesitate to recommend it to everyone who'll listen! Thank you so very much. Kindest regards, Michelle Gibney "

Mrs Canty, November 2016

"I'd like to say a big thank you to you and the team at Terrington Burchett for the fantastic job you have done with my daughter's wedding dress. It carried the marks of a day well enjoyed with champagne, chocolate and general dirt, particularly around the hem, being in much evidence.
The dress has been returned in a spotless condition and is beautifully presented inside the extra large box you offer. Terrington Burchett has been an excellent company to deal with - very helpful, friendly and efficient and I certainly wouldn't hesitate in recommending your gown cleaning service to anyone."


Just a short note to say thank you. I've just finished unwrapping and gingerly re-wrapping my dress again having just received it back from you, it's so beautifully done. I wasn't sure if I was going to sell my dress after it was cleaned, and even though its probably still too stained to (we had a very good time!), the way you've presented it makes me want to treasure it forever. Even if my children, when we eventually have some, don't want to wear it themselves, you've just made it such a keepsake. Thank you so very much. Kindest Regards, Vicky

Mrs K Pyle

I just want to say THANK YOU to all your lovely team they have done an AMAZING job on my wedding dress cleaning its better than i ever wanted like brand new. I must say your customer service is BRILLIANT and I have highly recommended you to all my bride friends and any one i know and will keep doing so. Thanks again Mrs K Pyle

Clair Turner

To Terrington Burchett, I have recently received my wedding dress from being dry cleaned and I would like to thank you for what you have done. It has come back beautifully packaged and off course clean, I would certainly recommend you to my friends. Kind Regards Claire Turner

Mellissa Purves

"Hi Emma, I have just received my gown back all lovely and clean! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your work and care in cleaning and packaging my gown - it looks beautiful and seeing it brought back so many memories! My only complaint is, that it looks so beautiful in the box that I won't want to get un-pack it and try it on occasionally! Thank you so much, Melissa x"

Lisa P

" Dear Emma, Well I don't know where to start? Thank you so much for everything! From your fabulous customer service, making me feel confident to leave my dress in your hands, replying to my dozens of emails, explaining the processes to me and talking honestly to me on the phone. But, more than anything THANK you and all at Terrington Burchett for making my wedding dress sparkle again. I cannot believe how amazingly clean it has come back, it honestly brought a tear to my eye when I got it out the box, it looks truly BEAUTIFUL! Oh another thank you for packing it up so incredibly beautifully- I didn't want to take it out of the box! I honestly cannot thank you enough, it is better than I could of ever imagined and I cannot wait to wear it now. So, Emma thank you so your exceptional services from start to finish, thank you to all at Terrington Burchett for making something that was incredibly difficult for me a plain sailing experience. I will most certainly be back to use you again once I have worn my gown! Thank you again x"

Mrs Sainbury

"Thank you so much for the beautiful job you have made on my daughter's wedding dress. "You had cleaned it prior to the wedding. A wonderful service! After the big day it was very grubby, again you cleaned it and sent it back with your champagne service. It is packed beautifully, we're so pleased. You make it so easy to send to you and your staff are so helpful. It is wonderful in this day and age to deal with such a professional company. Thank you so much."

Mr Force

"Hi, I have just received my dress back after having it cleaned and boxed in the Champagne box and just wanted to say how fantastic I think it looks! I was a bit anxious having it cleaned (I did get married 4 years ago!) as was unsure how well the service would be on stains so old, however, I am beyond pleased. My dress looks brand new and the way the corset is shaped makes my dress look as beautiful as ever! I will definitely be recommending your service to any brides to be. Many thanks again"

Mrs Birkett

"Hello, I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you for looking after my wedding dress and returning it looking like new. The bottom of the dress was very dirty and I had my reservations about all the marks coming out, but you have surpassed my expectations and my dress has come back like new. Someone obviously packed it up to be sent back to me with love and care and even took the time to do the fiddly buttons up down the back. Huge, huge thanks! Best wishes A very happy Mrs Gemma Birkett"

Mrs Gill

"Dear all at Terrington Burchett, I just wanted to write & thank you so very much for the brilliant job you did with my wedding gown!! I received it back today safe & sound and I must say the service has been beyond excellent, I couldn't be happier. The presentation box the dress came home in is absolutely beautiful and the way the dress has been packaged is so professional and neat... it looks amazing. The ladies I spoke with at the office were all very helpful and kind, plus the collection & re-delivery was smooth and hassle free. There were a lot of services advertised on the web but I'm so, so very glad that I came to you. I would recommend you to anyone. I did see your little tag in the box & I would be happy to pop a review/testimonial on Facebook but I'm afraid I don't use the service. If you have another way I can leave Terrington Burchett some good feedback please let me know & I'll be happy to do so. Service like yours deserves to commended!! Many, many thanks for all your help. Kindest regards, Kelly"