Elegance – Cleaning and Classic Design Preservation Box Package
1st September 2020
Grace – Cleaning Only
1st September 2020

Opulence – Cleaning and Classic Design Preservation Box Package


Suitable for long term storage for fuller skirted styles bridal gown with around 3 to 4 net petticoats and a train.

Your gown is cleaned using our specially Developed Baptiste Process®.

It is then steamed and packed into a beautiful hand made acid-free box in a house design of your choice, protected with layers of acid-free tissue. This will protect your gown from dust and light and prevent discolouration. Where possible we will insert an acid-free bodice inside your gown to help keep the shape and structure of the bodice.

This Acid Free Preservation Box is available in two beautifully classic designs.

You have the option of personalising your box at an additional cost by adding a skilfully hand written message inside the lid in either black or gold font. PLEASE NOTE: 29 characters per line (inc spaces) and a maximum of 3 lines.

Please note that prior to cleaning, your Gown will be inspected.  In the case of a clear discrepancy our Customer Care team will contact you to discuss any payment variance or the return of your dress – carriage chargeable.

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