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3rd August 2020
Preservation Box
3rd August 2020

Professionally Packed


The courier will arrive at your door where you can place your Gown safely inside a box for Transit. Upon arrival we will inspect and take photos of your Gown.

Your Gown will then be professionally and lovingly packed with layers of acid free tissue into an Acid Free Preservation Box for storage at home.

Included in the Service:

• Collection and Delivery

• Full inspection on arrival and photos taken

• Packed into Acid Free Preservation box with layers of Acid Free Tissue and Acid Free Bodice Support – This box can be used for storing post wedding once Gown is cleaned

• 10% off discount code for Post Wedding Cleaning and packing into original Acid Free Preservation Box *returned in original packing including outer carton to prevent damage to box in transit

* Gown will need to be steamed upon removal of Acid Free Preservation Box before wear

* Please check on your Gown every 2-3 months, unpack and repack to prevent any creasing becoming permanent (packing instructions included)

* Cleaning NOT included


Accessories for Storage

Additional items that will help with storing your Gown.

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Handmade with care, in this country; to keep for a lifetime, and worthy of the special garment kept inside. 

Made from 100% recycled board, keeping global footprint to a minimum by using recycled board and sourcing materials from this country, or as near as possible. 

These Bridal Gown boxes have been known to protect from fire and flood damage.

Beautiful romantic boxes that are extremely sturdy, hand covered with interior design papers and finished with ribbon; perfect for storing your Gown before the big day or preserving your Gown, after hand cleaning, for a lifetime. 

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