Cleaning Only Service – Wedding Gown
15th December 2016
Cleaning Only Service – Adult Bridesmaid Gown
15th December 2016

Champagne Box Service


Heirloom ‘Sealed Box’ service.

Your gown is cleaned using our specially Developed Baptiste Process®, and then carefully packed using acid-free tissue, with an acid-free bodice placed inside your gown to keep the shape of the bodice.

There is a Perspex viewing panel to enable you to see your gown without having to remove it from the chamber. It is then put into an outer carton for extra protection whilst in transit.

Please note: This service is not recommended for fuller skirted gowns, and is only available in the colour/design shown.

Accessory cleaning & packing options

If you would like to have other items cleaned and packed in to this box with your wedding gown such as a Bolero/Stole, a veil or even your bridal shoes pleases tick the item(s) you require below. You can also have your tiara packed (but not cleaned) too.

PLEASE NOTE; These items are not packed or boxed separately. They will be included in the box with your bridal gown. However, we do offer a separate cleaning and packing service with acid free boxes for most accessory items if required. Click here to view this range of products for more details.

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