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15th December 2016
Custom Designs – Bridal Gown Cleaning and Acid Free Box
6th July 2018

House Designs – Bridal Gown Cleaning and Acid Free Box


Suitable for long term storage

Your gown is cleaned using our specially Developed Baptiste Process®.

It is then steamed and packed into a beautiful hand made acid-free box in a house design of your choice, protected with layers of acid-free tissue. This will protect your gown from dust and light and prevent discolouration. Where possible we will insert an acid-free bodice inside your gown to help keep the shape and structure of the bodice.

Please select a box size together with a design from the swatches below (a larger preview will appear in the image window).

Medium – 36 x 48 x 11 cm deep – £150.00

This box is suitable for very slim fitting bridal gowns with no net petticoats or train.

Traditional – 50 x 75 x 15 cm deep – £170.00 

This box is suitable for most slim / a-line styles of bridal gown with up to two net petticoats and a small train.

Large – 50 x 75 x 30 cm deep – £190.00 

This box is suitable for fuller skirted styles of bridal gowns with around three to four net petticoats and a train.

Hollywood – 50 x 75 x 50 cm deep – £225.00

This box is suitable for very full skirted styles of bridal gown it is the volume of the traditional standard and extra-large box combines allowed for around 10 layers of petticoat.

It can be hard to tell which size of box is best for your style of Gown.  If, upon receipt, we felt the box was not quite suited to the style of your Gown, we would advise further when we call to confirm safe delivery.

There are also options for calligraphy personalisation with this item and accessory cleaning.

Box Designs

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Box Designs

Endsleigh Ivory, Vintage Rose, Love Heart Gold

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